Hollis Kookmin Financial offers wealth management solutions to individuals, companies and other entities around the world, as of today, we are managing over $8.6 billion USD in assets, combining our old approaches with the latest innovations helps us adapt to the new financial conditions in a steady but effective way.

Hollis Kookmin Financial - Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Whether it is about generating a specific return, saving for retirement, looking to increase household resources or trying to handle the taxes Read more…

Hollis Kookmin Financial - Corporate Services

Corporate Services

If your company entrusts its funds partially or totally, we take full responsibility to generate a decent return so that you could have the possibility Read more…

Hollis Kookmin Financial - Research

Analytical Research

We use our analysis results to make further decisions in managing your wealth and also inform you by applying a range of methods and formats Read more…

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Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange

The foreign exchange market, shortly called Forex, is the space of currency pairs…


Bonds are debt related products that involve less risk, representing a good fixed-income stream…


The stocks also called shares or often referred to as equities are probably the most popular investment…



Commodities which include metals, agricultural products and fuels can be traded through….


The list of services includes but is not limited to strategic advice, share repurchase programs….
Our team of experts and wealth planners is ready to collaborate with you and provide tailored solutions centered on your targets.
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