About Us

Hollis Kookmin Financial offers wealth management solutions to individuals, corporate companies and other entities around the world.

Our Headquarters and Corporate Division is located in Seoul, South Korea and our Retail Operation is located in Montreal, Canada. We are consistently increasing our international presence by introducing clients from new regions.

Since 2008 – the year we were established, our team has grown into a leading financial services company. Our experience over the years enables us to be confident about our long-term future, and our potential in the coming decades is vast.

As of today, we are managing over $8.6 billion in assets under management, which requires responsibility and a vision for growth. We can assure you that your capital is in good hands – we know how to handle it. Achieving complex targets is not a sophisticated job for us – it’s a daily routine.

This was only possible due to the great contribution of our founders and our financial experts who left and continue to leave their positive mark. Combining our old approaches with the latest innovations helps us adapt to the new financial conditions in a steady but effective way.

We have learned to benefit from conditions that seem problematic:

  • If there is high volatility – we will use it in your favor;
  • If the markets are too calm – we will use it in your favor;

Even if there is a crisis that is developing, we will make sure to protect our clients and transfer the potential pitfalls to benefits.

Achieving the financial targets set by you is our job. We will collaborate with you at different degrees during the process. We strive to have a personal approach with our clients, and this is possible thanks to an unparalleled customer service.

We are here to help you:

  • Generate a decent return so that you could enjoy your desired lifestyle;
  • Manage your portfolio;
  • Plan for retirement;
  • Keep money in safe conditions;
  • Have multiple income streams;
  • Benefit from fixed-income sources.

There are many obstacles and challenges that can be decisive when making the choice for the best wealth management service. We focus our attention on detail – the platform, customer service, communication, transparency, approach, methods used, etc.

We deal with different client profiles – from those who are not familiar with financial events to those who manage large capital funds. If you are an experienced investor, we can help you save time and leave your portfolio to our dedicated team – a whole department will manage your funds, and this means more strategies, more methods, and more fresh minds.

We know that people are very different and that their potential, financial resources, and financial goals differ from person to person. In order to satisfy everyone, we make sure to get familiar with every story, consider all the particular objectives, and implement the suitable methods and strategies. Finding the optimum plan for every particular case is an art, and we do it with passion.

Your success is our reputation.