Analytical Research

Analysis plays an important role in our service since we would not make any further decision in managing your wealth without in-depth research.

We have to combine the past with present data and generate a precise scenario that is the most possible in the future. This is the way we act and a strong analysis of all the factors would make us more confident. We always keep our clients informed about any important events that may have a serious impact on their portfolio.

We are proud of our team of talented analysts and researchers who can read between the lines and have the access to important entities, can perform complex scenarios and calculations, use reputable sources of information and are inclined to apply innovative methods and strategies.

The basic ‘ingredients’ of our analysis are the reports, stats, algorithms, fundamental data and data comparison, patterns, charts, technical indicators, capital flow in and out, trends, and more. In most cases, we use the most recent news from reputable sources thanks to our international status.

There are two main frames that we base our analysis on:

  • Macroeconomic view – this is the general puzzle of the world markets. It comprises economic indicators with broad impact, such as Gross Domestic Product growth, interest rate decisions by central banks, inflation indicators (starting with Consumer Prices Index), Business activity (PMI), unemployment rate and other employment reports, exports and imports, sovereign debt, economic sentiment, housing prices and sales, etc.
  • Microeconomic view – this framework is directed to specific products, assets, and sectors. Our final verdict and move would be based on the corporate performance, reports, product sales, product launches, profits, revenue, job cuts, business opportunities, M&As, and more.

We use our analysis results to make further decisions in managing your wealth and also inform you by applying a range of methods and formats: reports, market reviews, notifications, signals, articles, and other materials.