Message from CEO

The Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Sim Seung-Ho of Hollis Kookmin Financial 홀리스 국민 재정 has issued a message to all current and new investors for 2017.


First of all, I want to personally thank you for partnering and choosing Hollis Kookmin Financial 홀리스 국민 재정.

It is difficult to fully describe my satisfaction of being part of Hollis Kookmin Financial, it is a truly impressive company that has a unique story. Maybe from the inside things are more visible, but I am sure most of our long-term clients share the same feeling.

Hollis Kookmin Financial, throughout the years has accumulated vast experience and knowledge. We live in a world where a slight shift of change in one area can affect so many others, no matter the size the ability to adapt and react with countermeasures is crucial.

I am glad we have many great individuals working with us, we always put emphasis on talent and we are happy to be working alongside some of the best financial experts, private bankers, portfolio managers, advisors, analysts, developers responsible for our platforms and digital products, customer support team, consultants, managers – they all are vital in what we are doing and I want to personally thank them.

When I think about this great team, I have a great courage and I am confident that our clients must be happy about their choice.

I am proud to be part of this story and directing our company on the right path ensuring success in the future.

It is a great responsibility to lead a company that manages other people’s capital, but I feel with the great support and expertise that we possess we are more than capable of exceeding your expectations.

Together, we are here to create value and help you achieve your financial goals.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.


Mr. Sim Seung-Ho

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Hollis Kookmin Financial 홀리스 국민 재정